Saturday, October 25, 2014

Session 9 - 10/25/14

This week, Gary discovers that fear is a place in Brad Anderson's Session 9 (2001), in which chronicles the exploits of a hazmat crew tasked with cleaning up the old Danvers Lunatic Asylum.  As psychological stress triggers cracks in all the men, a more sinister force may also have been awakened by their presence. Listen as we diagnose the case for your listening edification and enjoyment on this week's exciting episode!  And, Tom is back!  (This podcast contains SPOILERS!)  

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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Girlfriend from Hell - 10/18/14

This week, Travis dumps his Girlfriend from Hell (1989) on us!  In the movie, the inventor of the condom (Twin Peaks' Dana Ashbrook), now God's bounty hunter, tracks down the Devil who has taken possession of a high-school wallflower to feed on human souls via sex. Sound crazy?  It is!  Listen as we dissect this morsel of late-80's direct-to-video mayhem on this week's podcast!

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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers - Producer's Cut - 10/11/14

This week, we bid farewell to Sean with his final Freak Show pick of Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers - Producer's Cut (1995), an alternate version of the 6th entry in the long-running slasher movie franchise.  This outing reveals that the origins behind the un-killable Michael Myers lie in druid mysticism as The Shape returns to Haddonfield to slaughter yet another distant family relation (and anyone else who tickles his fancy.) Come help us bid farewell to Sean along with his brothers and the rest of the Freak Show gang on this family affair episode!

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Saturday, October 04, 2014

Trick or Treat - 10/4/14

This week, Colin asks "what are you afraid of?  It's only rock n' roll!" with his pick of the 1986 heavy metal horror movie, Trick or Treat, which finds an outcast high school metal-head summoning his rocker idol from the dead to get payback on his tormentors.  The film features cameo appearances by metal icons Gene Simmon (KISS) and Ozzy Osbourne.  Join us as we fire up the turntable and raise the dead on this week's exciting episode and prove that rock's chosen warriors will rule the apocalypse!

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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Buffalo '66 - 9/20/14

This week, Brent returns us to the glory days of the 1990's independent cinema movement with Vincent Gallo's Buffalo '66 (1998), a film in which Gallo (who wrote and directed) plays a troubled ex-con who abducts Christina Ricci and forces her to play his wife in a bid to win his parents affection.  Come with us, won't you, into our navel-gazing exploration of deep thoughts, Jungian symbolism, and belly laughs in this week's exciting show! 

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