The City of Lost Children - 1/19/13

Every week, the members of the Saturday Night Freak Show (Brent, Tom, Colin & Travis) gather in a subterranean screening room. Each week, a different member of the group chooses a movie to watch, and afterwards the others debate the movie's merit for the entertainment of you, the listener.

This week, Colin chooses Jean-Pierre Jeunet's The City of Lost Children (1995), a visionary tale of a dystopian, steampunk-ish fantasy world filled with clever visual design reminiscent of the work of Terry Gilliam.  A mad inventor abducts children with designs on stealing their dreams via a remarkable contraption; when the adopted brother of circus strongman One (Ron Perlman) is taken, he teams up with a group of orphaned pickpockets to get him back. 

We also talk about dark children's fairy tales, modern day cynicism in kids movies, and Tom commits a cardinal sin.