True Romance - 02/02/13

Every week, the members of the Saturday Night Freak Show (Brent, Tom, Colin & Travis) gather in a subterranean screening room. Each week, a different member of the group chooses a movie to watch, and afterwards the others debate the movie's merit for the entertainment of you, the listener.

This week: Brent chooses the Tony Scott's True Romance (1993), a movie that often gets lumped into Quentin Tarantino's filmography (he did write the original screenplay), but clearly exhibits the late director's sleek, neon-lit, sun-kissed visual style.  Our usual co-conspirator, Tom, sits this episode out, so we bring in pitch-hitter Sean to talk about True Romance and the people who made it, plus those ripoff movies that show up at RedBox and Walmart's $7 bin, and even Cabin in the Woods gets a mention.