Who Framed Roger Rabbit - 04/13/13

Every week, the members of the Saturday Night Freak Show (Brent, Tom, Colin, Travis & Sean) gather in a subterranean screening room. Each week, a different member of the group chooses a movie to watch, and afterwards we enter the Thunderdome to debate the movie's merit for the entertainment of you, the listener.

On this week's episode, Brent chooses the pioneering, live action/animation hybrid Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988) for us to watch.  The film takes place in an alternate reality 1940's Hollywood in which animated characters co-exist with human beings; when Roger Rabbit is framed for murder, a down-on-his-luck gumshoe (Bob Hoskins) finds himself reluctantly trying to clear his name.  The film inspires discussion on the topics of: the career of Robert Zemeckis (and the influence of Steven Spielberg); Disney characters vs Warner Bros. characters; are graphic artists worthy of winning awards for Best Cinematography; and we hear about sexual fantasies starring cartoon characters.  Plus, find out how you can win an unopened copy of Who Framed Roger Rabbit!