Willow - 5/4/13

Every week, the members of the Saturday Night Freak Show (Brent, Tom, Colin and Sean) file into a subterranean screening room somewhere in Freakshow, IL where they witness sights & sounds undreamed of by mortal men.  They emerge changed, not quite the beings they once were.  Good or bad, they debate the merits of what they have just experienced for the entertainment of you, the listener.

On this week's episode, Tom rolls out a staple of fantasy cinema - the George Lucas-produced, Ron Howard-directed Willow (1988), about a young Hobbit-like fellow named Willow Ufgood (Warwick Davis) who undertakes a task to escort a baby of prophesied birth to her destiny and end the rule of a wicked queen.  He's aided by the likes of roguish swordsman Mad Mardigan (Val Kilmer) and a host of fairies, sword-maidens, wizards and the like as Lucas & Co. combine elements from every myth & fable ever told alongside some pioneering visual effects.  We get a bonus female perspective on this episode from guest star Elaine, which includes eye-opening discoveries about the dangers of Ron Howard Syndrome, we try to gain an understanding of overly-complicated fantasy fiction terms, and we try to coin a new phrase - the "honk-shake".