Lifeforce - 6/22/13

Every week, a group of Internet radio superstars known as the Saturday Night Freak Show (Brent, Tom, Colin, Sean and Travis) file into a subterranean screening room somewhere in Freakshow, IL where they witness sights & sounds undreamed of by mortal men. They emerge... changed, not quite the beings they once were. Good or bad, they will debate the merits of what they have just experienced for the entertainment of you, the listener, and the betterment of mankind.

This week, Colin subjects us to Tobe Hooper's 1985 sci-fi horror opus Lifeforce, in which astronauts discover a spaceship in the tail of Halley's comet and subsequently bring back a trio of energy-sucking vampires to Earth, who then proceed to terrorize all of London.  We talk Gothic vampires, space vampires, and alien invasions, all while we worship the naked presense of Lifeforce star Mathilda May.  Subscribe today for the time of your life!

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