Flatliners - 10/26/13

Every week, a group of Internet radio superstars known as the Saturday Night Freak Show (Brent, Tom, Colin, Travis and Sean) file into a subterranean screening room somewhere in Freakshow, IL where they witness sights & sounds undreamed of by mortal men. They emerge... changed, not quite the beings they once were. Good or bad, they will debate the merits of what they have just experienced for the entertainment of you, the listener, and the betterment of mankind.

We continue to celebrate Halloween with Brent's pick: Flatliners (1990), in which five too-smart-for-their-own-good medical students attempt to prove life-after-death by killing and resurrecting themselves in an experiment; but soon they discover that they may not have returned from the other side alone...  Join us as we talk about awesome production design, the career trajectories of the 90's Brat Pack, faith, religion, character arcs and all that good stuff on this exciting episode!

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