Krampus - 12/24/16

Colin abuses the traditions of Christmas and gets a visit from Krampus (2015). A dysfunctional family receives punishment for their lack of Christmas spirit in the form of a supernatural siege of demonic toys, dark elves, sinister snowmen, and the appearance of the anti-Claus himself. Director Michael Dougherty stakes out territory for another holiday horror movie, following his debut feature, Trick r' Treat.  Listen as we dive into the origins of Krampus, his sudden popularity, and Christmas horror movies in general on this week's exciting episode!


James Rochester said…
It's hard to gauge the effectiveness of the alternate ending after seeing the less ambiguous one they used. It might have left you confused whether Krampus had actually put them in a purgatory, or if he was just keeping an eye on them. I don't think you were supposed to question whether it was a good or bad ending so I understand the choice.