Possession - 12/23/17

Colin considers assault and battery charges against Andrzej Zulawski's Possession (1981), which chronicles the apocalyptic implosion of the marriage between Sam Neill and Isabelle Adjani in Cold War-era Germany. While he gets kicked around by her effete German lover and sleeps with her doppelganger on the sly, she has sex with a slimy, tentacled creature that she may have given birth to in the subway. Listen as we break down reality, wonder about pink socks, lost shoes, God, relationships, Armageddon, and try not to lose our minds on this week's exciting episode!


Windy City Cinephile said…
Lol. I kinda enjoyed how this started out as a bunch of people who seemingly have no capacity for avant-garde filmmaking ranting about what they'd just seen, but then developed into an actual discussion with a few worthwhile points. Not particularly impressed overall, but I might give the show a few more listens.
Saturday Night Freak Show said…
Thanks for listening!